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No Money TV: no electricity for hours and employes not paid since February


logo_the_money_channelMoney TV has problems with electricity and had to solve them before getting back live for couple tens of minutes previous to start running reruns again.

The situation from, station owned by Sorin Freciu, deteriorated drastically, with the TV station remaining without electricity as the invoices weren’t paid. The situation was described in a message received on’s address. TV, that broadcasts on Giga TV’s licence, lives now from re-runs, that are made from another section of the building it is located in.

According to’s info, the TV didn’t pay its utilities for months and there are also problems when it comes of salaries’ payment.
The journalists from TV weren’t paid since February and some of them tried to get their financial rights from Sorin Freciu through mediation, but they weren’t successful. Therefor, more journalists are decided to sue the station.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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