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Suleyman charmed Romanians on Easter; Indian Chain of Memories movie – Sunday’s surprise


Suleyman_Magnificul_libertateaThe Indian movie “Chain of Memories” was Easter’s surprise, as the movie broadcasted by National TV was watched by over 1M Romanians. The last episode of Suleyman the Magnificent, broadcasted by Kanal D, was the program with the highest audience during the two Easter days.


When it comes of the Indian movie, it overpassed at national level Antena’s Romania dances and followed it at short distance at urban level.

During Easter, the most watched program was Suleyman, with 2.1M Romanians and 1.3 living in urban areas watching it on May 6th. In top were also Stirile Pro TV, MasterChef and Safe (with Jason Statham), broadcasted on Sunday by Pro TV.

Starting again after a year break, Superbingo Metropolis had an average viewership of 900.000 people, half of them (446.000) living in urban areas.

Happy Hour’s special edition on Monday didn’t make it into show’s top and was way behind its direct competitor, Acces Direct (Antena 1).

More detailed info on Easter audiences is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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