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The hysteric pig from Antrefrig is back. The story of the pig painted with metilic blue


Reclama Antrefrig, reluată pe TV după mai bine de 10 aniThe blue pig from Antrefrig, that became a celebrity in 2001 with the line “Do you comment?”, is back on TV, as hysterical as before. When the characters say words including the word “liver” , the pig understands just liver, a word that he repeats on a nervous tone in the new TV ads.


Sorin Psatta, coordinator of Antrefrig campaign within BBDO Group Romania, detailed the campaign for

He reveiled it isn’t simple to film using a real pig and said the agency used 4 pigs so everything will turn all right. The pigs were painted blue with metilic blue.

The campaign is centered on the fact that the advertised pate has a high content of liver, of around 30% .

Antefrig was taken ove, in 2007, by Hame; the new owner analyzed the brand, saw it has great potential and decided to relaunch it.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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