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TVR is disassembling piece by piece


tvrTVR is outsourcing a new service. After the “economic manager” at TVR became Mihaela Botea’s consultancy company, Claudiu Săftoiu, president general manager TVR, wants to also outsource the HR director’s attributions, according to Evenimentul zilei.


This way, Saftoiu’s office submitted for analysis “the start of the acquisition procedure for services of coordination for the activity of the HR department”. Unanimously, the Board approved starting the procedures. The reason given by Saftoiu for this action is that, this way, TVR will save time and money and will have a better organization of the HR department.

Both economical and HR departments in TVR lost a series of employees, fired when TVR’s restructuring plan was implemented

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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