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Victor Ciutacu: I ask from Sorina damages of 1BN; Sorina Matei: I have nothing to comment


victor ciutacu“I support the freedom of speech, even Sorina’s. But I addressed to justice when it comes of calumny. I find it normal for one to assume the responsibility for what one writes”, Victor Ciutacu stated, for


After Romanian journalist Sorina Matei announced on her personal blog that she is sued by her colleague, Victor Ciutacu, the later offered some clarifications, exclusively for

On the other hand, contacted by, Sorina Matei didn’t make any comments.

The reason for the lawsuit is that Matei wrote about Ciutacu for a week, coming up with calumnious accusations. At his turn, Ciutacu didn’t fuel the scandal.

When it comes of a possible reconciliation, Ciutacu says he doesn’t think Matei will apologize and also that he wouldn’t give up the action

The info on the existent lawsuit was published by Matei on her own blog. “I didn’t receive any justice summon, but the complaint is registered on April 19th, and the complainer, Victor Gabriel Ciutacu, as I can see on the Justice Minister’s instances portal, demands “moral damages”. I don’t know more”, Matei wrote.
Matei also wrote that this lawsuit is a first for Romanian press, as both the parties in the lawsuit are colleagues in the same newsroom. She also made an appeal to her friends for juricial assistance and mentioned that it is her 1st lawsuit and she strongly believes in justice.

The scandal that generated the lawsuit started once Victor Ciutacu came from Antena 3 to RTV and became colleague with Matei, which reacted virulently to this situation. “I think this world also has human dirt. This Ciutacu individual is, in my opinion and without any doubt, human dirt. A person that keeps selling himself endlessly, for a fist of money, in order to go after someone, depending who offers more, doesn’t have a place in this profession”, Matei was stating at that time.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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