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Bingo started also on Acasă TV. How many people watched it?


Lotto BallsStarting yesterday, Bingo fans have 2 TV programs during which they can play, both on Antena 1 and on Acasă TV. How many people are watching the money generating shows?


Acasa TV’s bingo show, with Nicoleta Luciu host, kept in front of the TV a little over 500,000 Romanians. Broadcasted in the evening, during a maximum audience hour, Acasa TV ranked 5-6 in audience top Bingo Metropolis, on Antena 1, is scheduled in the afternoon, when TV consumption is lower. Still, even in these conditions, the program ranked 1st in audiences, with 618,000 viewers every minute, from which more than half (378,000) living in urban areas.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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