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City FM gets back to its former shareholder; how did Adevarul Holding go out of the game?


radio-studioRadio Click FM (former Radio City) gets back to its initial owner, Adrian Andrici, stated the general manager of the station, Cristian Raileanu, in front of CNA.


“The contract between Adevarul Holding and Radio City FM Bucuresti was denounced, considering Adevarul Holding entered insolvency”, Raileanu said.

“We leaved Click FM for the moment, but our intention is that, starting the autumn, to re-enter City FM and get back to the rock format“,City FM director added.

Raileanu made those statements at CNA, as he was present in front of institution’s member to demand a 9 years’ prolonguement for City FM’s licence in Bucharest, which expired on May 22nd.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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