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Eight TVs received warnings because of Aqua Carpatica, SuperBet and "Mereu Aproape" ads


Al doilea spot Aqua CarpaticaCNA decided to forbid 4 TV ads and warn more TVs that broadcasted 3 of the commercials; the 4 ads aren't on the air anymore.


"RAC sends a point of view after the campaign is over. We must remake the protocol with them and to tell them clearly that they must answer us in 15 days", Laura Georgescu, CNA president, stated during the meeting.

The forbidden ads are for Mereu Aproape foundation, an ad for Aqua Carpatica, one for Calgon and another one for SuperBet.

Prima TV, Pro TV and Kanal D received warnings only for broadcasting Aqua Carpatica ad, Romania TV and B1 TV for Aqua Carpatica and SuperBet, Antena 3 for Aqua Carpatica and "Mereu Aproape" foundation and Antena 1 and Antena 2 just for Mereu Aproape's ad.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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