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Elan Schwartzenberg bought a page in Romania libera to accuse a magistrate


Foto: Laurenţiu Obae
Foto: Laurenţiu Obae


Elan Schwartzenberg bought a full page in Romania libera, publishing a text addressed to the magistrate Mariana Moncea, the syndic judge handling Realitatea Media’s case.

Within the text, signed E. Schwartzenberg, the magistrate is acused of being “not only the moral author of those reprobable results, but also directly responsible for all those!’.

The text is written on a accusing and sometimes accusing tonalty and mentions that “at some point, this game on criminal responsibility will end bad for you, Mrs Moncea”. The text also mentions demanding all abilitated authorities to solve the illegalities the magistrate supposingly made.

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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