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Judicial autorithies are verifying a “supported, aggressive campaign” of Intact targeting magistrates


Antena 3 logo bunAntena 3 reacted to a Supreme Magistrature Council (CSM) interpelation, considering the institution attacks the liberty of expression, after CSM demanded Judicial Inspection to make verifications on the possible break of justice’s independence by Intact trust, that started via Antena 3 a “supported and aggresice” campaign against institutions of the judicial system and against some magistrates, Mediafax writes.


“Today, June 7th, the management of CSM demanded Judicial Inspection to demand and start verify a possible break of justice’s independence, as a consequence of the start, starting May 30th, by Intact Trust, especially via Antena 3’s shows, of a supported and aggressive campaign, that goes beeyomg any regulations and standards on freedom of expressions, against institutions from the judicial system and also against some magistrates, related to the activities that took place during the criminal procedures” against Sorin Alexandrescu, a CSM press release shows.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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