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Mihaela Radulescu for “I’m in discussions with TVR”


Foto: Mediafax Foto
Foto: Mediafax Foto


Romanian celebrity and TV host Mihaela Radulescu said, in an exclusive interview for, that she is in discussions with TVR for “Sunday in the family”, but she said as she cannot give details as there is now just a discussion phase.

If Radulescu and TVR reach to an agreement, the show could start broadcasting this autumn. Until then, Radulescu wouldn’t appear in any TV production, on any TV stations, as she said for

During the same interview, Radulescu told why she didn’t make it in a I dance for you show at Pro TV:

“Commuting isn’t scaring me, but me being away from Ayan each week-end would scare him and that is something I cannot allow to happen. I’ve missed projects I really regret – an invitation to I Dance for You, for example, that I always considered an astonishing experience and a very good TV product- but how I could have handled to miss weeks from the side of my kid?”

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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