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Realitatea TV, fined RON 70,000 for Vadim Tudor’s language


vadim la un show pacatosRealitatea TV was fined RON 70,000 for the language Corneliu Vadim Tudor used to address a former PRM representative, Ioan Baldea, during a show broadcasted on June 15 on the possibility of Vadim’s exclusion from PRM.


Vadim Tudor used defamatory terms to designate Baldea, including handicapped, alcoholic or vagabond and others .

Antena 1 was also fined with the same amount and for the same guest, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, that wasn’t able to control himself during Capatos’ show. During Antena’s show, Vadim Tudor targeted with a series of invectives a Romanian politician, Anca Carcu, also known as “Sexy Politician”.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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