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Romtelecom, partnership with Google


Romtelecom Business ForumStarting this month, Romtelecom initiates a strategic partnership with Google to help companies and entrepreneurs to develop their businesses by increasing their online visibility.

Romtelecom Business Solutions expands its expertise areae, becoming an advertising consultant mainly for its small and medium companies’ clients.

Romtelecom initiated this partnership as part of an agreement made between Deutsche Telekom and Google at European level, being among the first companies from the group that launch such a project.

Through this project, Romtelecom becomes Partner Google AdWords Premier SMB in Romania, offering the option to any type of company to gain online visibility, by accessing one of the best modalities to advertise online, without needing costly internal additional resources or own expertise, but only focusing on the main commercial activities, as Romtelecom takes care of the rest.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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