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After modifying an interview, Romanian state news agency Agerpres removed an interview with a Romanian former minister


captura agerpresAgerpres removed the interview with the Romanian former minister Relu Fenechiu both from institution's website and internal newsfeed, as the agency announced in a press release. Initially, yesterday afternoon, Agerpress "cleaned" the interview of certain wordings.


The reason given by Agerpres for first cleaning and then removing the interview was that the material "didn't matched the journalistic ethics and Agerpres' principles".

Moreover, the agency announced that, in the next period, "a disciplinary commission will reunite in order to evaluate the situation created by publishing the interview with the former minister Relu Fenechiu, made by Mario Cretu and edited by Internal News department", as the press release mentions.

Alexandru Giboi, General Manager Agerpres: "I made these decisions because I strongly believe in the mission of the National Press Agency Agerpres to inform without discrimination and respecting full objectivity. This is the mission I assumed when I took over as general manager of this institution and I want it respected, along with all the principles of journalistic ethics, by all Agerpres' employees and collaborators".

BACKGROUND. Agerpres published, yesterday morning, an interview with the former Romanian Transports minister, Relu Fenechiu, in which the journalist - that is also the deputy general manager of Agerpres - was asking questions that were favoring the politician. "Practically, the minister did its job" and "Practically, you significantly diminished the losses" were only couple of journalist's formulations.

The cherry on top was a question in which the journalist acts worried by the fate of the former Transports minister: "God forbids, if you lose the lawsuit, because there are multiple scenarios. If it will be a positive solution...everybody said that the minister performed, starting with the prime minister. What happens if the solution isn't a positive one?"

After the interview started to be criticized by media and on social networks, the "worried" question was reformulated in the article published on Agerpres's website. In the same time, a correction was sent on agency's newsfeed.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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