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All news stations had higher audiences in June. More viewers for Antena 3, RTV, B1 and Realitatea


televizorJune brought more viewers for all news channels, with Antena 3, RTV, B1 and Realitatea having best scores for the 1st summer month comparatively with May.


In the evenings, Antena 3 had the highest increase (over 30.000 viewers) and went up one place, reaching 4th in the top.
If the news stations had a plus with the audiences, the big generalist TVs had a slight decrease in viewership.

In Prime Time
In the evenings, Pro TV (leading in top) had a total of 725.000 viewers per minute in June, 22,000 less than in May. Next are Antena 1 and Kanal D, with very small decreases in audiences (6.000 and 3.000 viewers).

News stations

Antena 3: 261.000 viewers in the evenings, up by 31.000 compared to May; reached 4th position, outranking Acasa TV.
Romania TV: gets 16.000 more viewers in June evenings, reaching to 110,000 in urban areas. Ranks 9th, same as in May
B1 TV: comes right after RTV, on 10th, but still gains one place compared to May, has a 16,000 viewers increase and reaches to 97.000 viewers in the evening.
Realitatea TV: 73.000 viewers per minute, 11,000 more compared to May; up one place in June, from 12 to 13.

Daily average

The trend in prime time is visible also when it comes on daily average viewership, with generalist TVs loosing audience and news TVs gaining viewers.
Top 6 TVs considering daily average viewership in urban areas is unchanged: Pro TV, Antena 1, Kanal D, Antena 3, Acasa, National TV. Among all, Antena 3 is the only channel that had an increase in viewership.

News channels
Antena 3: has every minute 162.000 viewers in June, up 18,000 compared to May, ranking 4th in the general ranking
România TV: ranks 9th and has 81.000 viewers, up 10.000 in June compared to May
B1 TV: up one place also when it comes on daily average, from 11 to 10, with 10.000 more viewers. Total: 65.000 viewers per minute in urban areas
Realitatea TV: up 11.000 viewers, ranks 12th, with a total of 62.000 viewers.
More detailed data on TV audiences for June are available here

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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