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BAC 2013: Over 12,000 article in online mass media related to the Baccalaureate exam


Sursa foto: EVZ
Sursa foto: EVZ


Bacalaureate exam was the most discussed subject in Romanian online mass-media between June 1st - July 12th, according to a monitoring made by MediaIQ. During the mentioned period, the exam was the main subject of 12.260 articles.

The exam surpassed in popularity other subjects such as the sentencing of Cristian Cioaca (1.183 articles), the protests in Egypt (483) and US National Day (1.687).

The day when the exam had the highest media coverage was July 8th, when the first results of the exam were made public; during the mentioned day, 1.850 articles were published.

The online publications with most articles on Baccalaureate exam were,,, and Moreover, the subject was mentioned 803 on Facebook pages, twitter, blogs, forums and in articles' comments.

This year's Bac generated less articles than last year, 12,260, down from 13,569 in 2012. The tone of the articles is mostly negative last year and this year, with more negative ones in 2013.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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