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Cease fire at Romania libera: employees started to receive the salaries they were owned


Romania libera grevaThe situation from Romanian daily Romania libera relaxed a bit after the owner started to pay the salaries he owned to his employees.


Last week, newspapers' journalists entered strike for couple hours, on the grounds that almost 3 salaries weren't paid to them and also the fact that publication's future is uncertain. After a Friday discussion with the owner, Dan Grigore Adamescu, Romania libera's employees were promised that they will receive the salaries they were owned in short term, with all the money due to them to be paid in short time.

According to's information, salaries started to be paid yesterday, with the amounts for April reaching in employees accounts. During the next couple days, the journalists are to be paid the money they are due for May.

The strike that determined the payment of salaries comes after the group owned by Dan Grigore Adamescu confronted with a series of financial difficulties and employees weren't paid for 3 months . This was the 2nd strike at Romania libera this year, after the one in February, when the employees managed to obtain the payment in stages of their due salaries, following a calendar that the management didn't maintain afterwards.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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