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Evenimentul zilei - Chisinau edition


EvenimentulZilei13370Evenimentul zilei will have an edition for Moldova, in Chisinau, that will be launched on July 12-13, as Dan Andronic, shareholder Evenimentul and Capital printing house, stated exclusively for


Dan Andronic, for

“There will be a customized newspaper for Moldova. We have a redaction there, there are 10-12 employees under the management of a project director, Catalin Alistari (publisher Capital, n. red)”.

“The newspaper will be tailored for Moldova. There will also be articles took over from Bucharest, depending on the subject”

Evenimentul zilei de Moldova will be published by a new companies, that has as shareholders Relu Ion and Virgil Munteanu.

“Practically, it is a franchise. There will be a new company that edits the newspaper in Chisinau", Andronic explained.

The newspaper will apear in Moldavia in 16 pages, with a print run of 5,000 copies, in a format slightly bigger than the one in Bucharest.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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