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Mihaela Radulescu – TVR negotiations, close to the end. TVR also discusses with Andreea Marin


Sursa colaj foto: Opinia Timişoarei
Sursa colaj foto: Opinia Timişoarei


The negotiations between Mihaela Radulescu and TVR for the show "Sunday with the Family" are almost finalized, according to's information. The public TV also discuss at this time with more stars, including Andreea Marin.

Mihaela Radulescu's show is said to be on screen starting this autumn, on Sunday afternoons, and will alternate recorded editions with live ones. This was the main demand made by Mihaela Radulescu, as she also stated it in an interview for Paginademedia.

Contacted by, Irina Radu, general producer TVR, confirmed that negotiations with Mihaela Radulescu are in a final stage.

From's information, Andreea Marin is also in talks with TVR, an info confirmed by Irina Radu, that didn't offer more details.

Andreea Marin confirmed the discussions with the Romanian public TV. Andreea Marin, for "TVR looked for me and made me a proposal. They asked me to come up with a format. I am glad for this initiative of theirs as, for a lot of years, TVR was for me a second family"

What is the status of the format and what is it about? "The format is almost ready. Relationship with TVR is now in proposal stage. We can talk about having things set yer", Marin said, without offering any details over the type of format.
Irina Radu: "We are in talks with more celebrities, among which Andreea Marin, but we cannot offer any other details at this moment".

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