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Orange, over 22.000 commercials in 6 months. Most on Antena 1. Cosmote, most ads on Pro TV


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Orange is the telecom operator with the strongest promotion, with 22.249 ads distributed during the first six months of the year, according to a mediaTRUST report. Vodafone ranks 2nd, with 21.040 ads, followed by Cosmote - 11.590.

From January 1st to June 30th, the main channels the 3 telecom operators used to distribute their promotional messages were TV (44.390 ads), followed by radio (9.805 ads) and print (684 ads).

Most of Orange’s commercials were broadcasted by Antena 1 (where the operator sponsors the talent-show X Factor). Among telecom operators, Cosmote was most present on Pro TV (where it sponsors Romanians got talent and The Voice of Romania).

Orange, most commercials broadcasted on Antena1

Orange Romania is the telecom operator with most broadcasted commercials (22.249), evaluated at Euro 59M rate card value. Orange advertized mainly on Antena 1 (2.039), (1.780) and Romania TV (1.636). On radio, most ads were on Kiss FM (1.621) and Pro FM (817).

Vodafone, most commercials on Antena2

The 2nd operator in terms of broadcasted commercials is Vodafone Romania, with 21.040 ads and an estimated rate card value of Euro 34M. Vodafone chose to broadcast commercials mainly on Antena 2 (2.668), GSP TV (2.569) and (2.146). On the radio, the operator advertized on Kiss FM (1127) and Pro FM (971).

Cosmote, most commercials on Pro TV

Cosmote Romania is the 3rd largest operator in terms of broadcasted advertising, with 11.590 ads in the first 6 months of the year, with an estimated rate card value of Euro 30M. Cosmote’s commercials was most aggressive on Pro TV (2.208), Antena 1 (1.787) and (1.377). Kiss FM broadcasted 1.621 ads for Cosmote, Pro FM – 817 and Radio 21 - 639.

MediaTrust’s report was based on monitoring over 1.6M ads broadcasted between January 1st - June 30th on 20 TVs, 12 radios and 200 central publications, from which over 75,000 were classified as telecom ads.

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