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Robert Turcescu ends the contract with B1 starting August. What’s next?


Robert-Turcescu-2Robert Turcescu’s contract with B1 TV expires on August 1 info. What will he do next? One hint in this direction was given by Turcescu’s colleague at B1, Radu Banciu:


“He’s leaving for a long one month holiday”. The last edition of Turcescu’s show was on July 30. It seems Turcescu is having discussions with B1 management in order to prolong the contract, but he also has offers from other stations. Contacted by, Robert Turcescu confirmed the information.

Robert Turcescu:

“I had a very good collaboration with B 1 TV. I can confirm that I am in advanced talks to prolong the contract”

Are there discussions with other stations also?

“It is true that there are offers from other news stations also. These kind of discussions are normal at the end of a contract. Media world is a small world.

For now, I am leaving for a long holiday. I think it is normal, after 3 years of contract”, Turcescu said

About Diaconescu’s project and his invitation for Turcescu in the 1 I wish success to Dan Diaconescu. Still, for now, his project is at the “what if” level Robert Turcescu hosts, on B1 tv, the show “Sub semnul intrebarii”. In June, according to audience data, the show was watched by 152,000 viewers in the urban areas.

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