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Romanian men and women over the internet: men want gadgets, women want health


femei vs barabati pe internetAccording to SATI and SNA Focus – 2 BRAT studies, Romanian women use internet more than men, with over 54% pages viewed online being seen by women. Women also represent 50.8% from the total Romanian internet users, BRAT says.


When it comes of interests, men look online for information such as mobile apps, ITC/electronics online buys and cars. At their turn, women are looking more for info on health, lifestyle and holidays and also consume a significant quantity of content on celebrities. Also, women spent a lot of time in online conversations, either via IM apps or via social networks, mainly Facebook. Women also use the most emails (51%) and make daily banking operations (57%).

When it comes of goods and services, both for men and women, 70% of the buying decisions are made online, but the types of products and services each of them intend to buy differ: men are oriented towards electronics and IT, while women want cosmetics and holidays.

Although the number of women buying mobile equipment remains smaller than men’s, their percentage continues to grow. This way, among smartphone owners, 42% are women and women also represent 47% of people that intend to buy a tablet.

The analysis was based on SNA Focus for August 2011 – February 2013 and SATI results for December 2012 – February 2013.

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