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The article accusing Romanian prime minister of plagiarism vanished from TVR's news website


tvrThe first news on the accusation of plagiarism targeting Romanian prime minister Victor Ponta, published exclusively by, vanished from the website, as Mona Dartu, former manager of TVR's interactive division, signaled on her own Facebook page.


The text from June 18th 2012 doesn't exist, and it was replaced by a page entitled "test", with no article, as it can be seen at this link.

The material vanished inclusively from TVR Info's Facebook page, abandoned after, in the start of this year, TVR Info became TVR News.

The article on Victor Ponta's plagiarism started a huge scandal at Romanian public TV and this was also the reason why the online department of TVR was closed.

Radu Calin Cristea, TVR's interim president at that time, warned Mona Dirtu for publishing on the website (without consulting with him first) the news on plagiarism accusations.

After the appointment of the new president, Claudiu Saftoiu, another move was made: the editorial control of the website passed to Monica Ghiurco. Following this move, Mona Dirtu quitted. "I decided to leave TVR faster than I've anticipated: I don't have the right anymore to make editorial decisions for the new TVR's websites (namely,, and events websites) – so I asked to end the contract", she explained.

After Monica Ghiurco was appointed to coordinate, there was made a decision that determined Teodor Tita (editor in chief for the website) and Alexandra Badicioiu (deputy editor in chief) to enter holidays. The decision was that didn't have any longer the right to make its own articles during the campaign for referendum. In August 2012, the collaborators of the website were let go.

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