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Agerpres accuses EVZ of being journalistically incorrect




Agerpres representatives reacted to a column written by Dan Andronic in Evenimentul zilei, a column that mentions that Romanian national press agency is in the service of the prime minister Victor Ponta, writes

"We consider that a correct and equidistant analysis of Agerpres activity should refer to a relevant period of time (June and July reflect both working and holidays period in the public system) and not just of '11 news'. Such a serious analysis, if it would have been done, would have put a clearer and more correct light over agency's activity", Agerpres representatives mentioned.

Also, the same sources also pointed out that EVZ took over an Agerpres news without mentioning the source, as it would have been correct, according to journalistic deontology

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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