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Two CNA members to be subjected to Parliamentary hearings after being declared incompatible



Rasvan Popescu and Christian Mititelu will be heard, next week, by the Culture Committees in Parliament, according to CNA president, Laura Georgescu.

The hearings come after the National Integrity Agency (ANI) established the 2 CNA members were incompatible with their functions within the Council: Christian Mititelu had, between 2008-2012, a managerial function within “Alianta civica” Association, while Rasvan Popescu had contractual relations with Media Pro Pictures during his term.

CNA president said, related to this subject, that she doesn’t have the competency to dismiss any of CNA’s members.

Laura Georgescu: “I do not have the competence to fire anyone. From the moment ANI’s press release appeared, CNA wrote to the 2 Parliamentary Committees and we will be heard on Tuesday, me and the 2 members” found incompatible.

During yesterday’s séance, the first after ANi’s verdict, Valentin Jucan disputed the presence of Mititel and Popescu to the meeting.

Valentin Jucan: “Today, August 22nd 2013, during the public CNA meeting, the 2 members of the Council didn’t had any reaction following ANI’s decision and the honorable resignation is, for them, an unapproachable matter, with the image of the institution mattering too little. Moreover, despite the situation they are in, Mititelu and Popescu continue to exercise their duties as CNA members, throwing the suspicion of illegality over CNA’s decisions made in their presence” wrote about the problems of incompatibility for the 2 CNA members here.

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