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“I dance for you” pre-selections start on Sunday


Dansez-pentru-tine-finalaProTV is organizing, on August 11th, in Bucharest, the preselections for the 14th season of the show “I dance for you”, scheduled to be broadcasted this autumn.

To the preselections scheduled to take place at Ramada Parc Hotel in Bucharest, there will be present the choreographers Edi Stancu, Bogdan Boanta and Cocuta (Andra Gheorghe).

The preselections also take place online, on

The contest-show, hosted and presented by Stefan Banica Junior and Iulia Vantur, was launched by Pro TV in 2006. The program, in which 8 competitors are fighting, on the dance floor, for a noble cause, is broadcasted on Fridays, starting 20.30

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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