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Irina Radu gets attributions of programs director, Gabriel Gherghescu leads TVR 1. Who else was designated as manager within SRTV



Irina Radu is coordinator with attributions of Programs’ Director within TVR, after the 2nd session of managerial projects organized by Romanian Public Television. presents who will lead public channels and who other winners of TVR contests are.

The contests were organized by SRTV in line with the Regulation on selecting managers and evaluating executive management within SRTV

The results of the 1st contest session:
• Cristian Zgabercea – coordinator with attributions of General Manager
• Iulian Terciu – coordinator with attributions of HR Manager
• Mihaela Botea – coordinator with attributions of Economic Manager
• Demeter Andras Istvan – coordinator with attributions of Production House manager
• Marioara Dudu – coordinator with attributions of Chief Acquisitions Service
• Claudiu Lucaci – coordinator with attributions of News Director
• Ioana Catalina Popescu – coordinator with attributions of News Executive Producer

The results of the 2nd session:
• Irina Radu – coordinator with attributions of director of TVR Programs
• Gabriel Gherghescu – coordinator with attributions of director of TVR1
• Liana Sandulescu – coordinator with attributions of director of TVR 2
• Beatrice Comanescu – coordinator with attribution of director of TVR International
• Razvan Bucuroiu – coordinator with attributions of director of TVR 3 – Territorial Studios
The executive producers of TVR’s channels are:
• Alina Amza – Executive Producer TVR 1
• Razvan Nicolescu – Executive Producer TVR 2.
Managers of territorial studios:
• Carmen Olaru – Director TVR Iasi
• Dietlinde Dinesz – Director TVR Timisoara
• Anca Dindirica – Director TVR Craiova
• Cristian Georgescu – Director TVR Targu-Mures
• Romeo Couti – Director TVR Cluj
Marketing, PR and administrative appointments:
• Liviu Nicolescu – Director of Central Studios
• Horia Eusebiu Cazan - Director Technical-Administrative
• Diana Zalutchi – Director Marketing and Sales
• Andreea Balan – Chief Sales, Partnerships and Online Service
• Ion Rosioru – Director PDG Cabinet
• Cristian Bogdan Acatrinei – Chief Communication and International Relationships, Public Relations and Protocol Service
• Mihaela Berinde – Chief Marketing, Public Relations and Special Events Service
Other results:
• Laura Mira Neagu – Chief Production Resources
• Laurentiu Oprea – Chief Copyrights Service
• Irina Lazar Negraru – Chief Media archive and Documentaries Service
• Mihaela Mitran – Chief Film Selection Service
• Madalina Ionescu – Chief Online Collective Service
• Anca Antonov – Chief Digital Workflow Service
• Aurelian Lintoiu – Chief Internal Budgets Service within Economic Direction
• Emilia Leahu – Chief TV Tax Service
• Liliana Poteca – Chief Accountability Service
• Ioana Silea – Chief Financial Service

Contest are still being organized to fill in the following positions: Chief Accountant, Artistic Production Director, Executive Producer TVR 3 Territorial Studio secretary, Chief Programs Analysis and Strategy, Executive Producer TVR International, Chief Image Service

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