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Moise Guran and Vlad Petreanu to co-host a show at Europa FM



Moise Guran and Vlad Petreanu will co-host a new show on Europa FM, scheduled to be broadcasted on Fridays, between 13.14 - 14.00. The show – Devil’s Advocate – will be one during which the 2 will support their opinions, fighting from totally opposed positions.

The show will include actual subjects and will be interactive, with listeners that can call and express live their opinions, making the balance lead towards one or another of Europa FM’s programs producers.

The first show is scheduled to be broadcasted at the end of next week.
Another new show in radio’s schedule is “O dimineaţă de milioane”, week-end morning show hosted by Ana Maria Tatu.

Starting August 26th, more programs return in Europa Fm’s waves: “Desteptarea” – morning show with Monica Anghel, Vlad Petreanu and George Zafiu, “Romania in direct” with Moise Guran, “Europa Express” with Ciprian Dinu, “Drum cu prioritate” with Radu Constantinescu and “Clubul de seara” with Toader Paun
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