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Pro TV made deals for increasing prices for retransmission with Romania’s main 2 cable operators


Adrian-Sarbu-webPro TV “renegotiated successful the prices for its channels retransmissions with 2 of Romania’s biggest cable and satellite companies” and the prices will grow “in the second half of 2013”, according to a company’s report.


The report doesn’t mention cable companies’ names, but it says the new retransmission contracts were renegotiated and signed for more years. The biggest cable operators in Romania are, by far, RCS&RDS (3M cable subscribers) and UPC (1.2M subscribers).

Increasing the prices for Pro’s channels redistribution would be the main engine of the economical come back for Central European Media Enterprises, the company that owns Pro TV.

A similar strategy was applied in Bulgaria and that was felt in the income for the 2nd semester. The revenues for retransmission doubled in the 2nd quarter this year, compared to the same period in 2012.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache


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