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Antena TVs will have official channels on YouTube. What will be the relation with AntenaPlay?


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Antena Group’s TV stations will also have their own channels on YouTube, most probably to be launched on October 1st.

Gusti Roman, head of digital Antena Group, explains what will be the difference from AntenaPlay:

“Antena Play has content of longer duration, includes lives and full shows. In exchange, YouTube channels will present short movies, with high viral potential. The content of the 2 platforms aren’t cannibalizing each other”.

“Another advantage of the Youtube channels comes from a tool that avoids the piracy attempts. If an user tapes a show and puts it up on Youtube, we will be able to avoid a duplication tentative”.

The partnership with Youtubebs signed by Antena Group, that has in portfolio Antena 1, Antena 2, Euforia and GSP TV. What does Antena 3 do?

“We will have internal discussions within the group, if they want to enter this partnership also”, Gusti Roman said.

Intact owns another video platform, Videonews, managed by Antena 3.

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