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Audience for the debut of “Lost Angels”, a new Romanian telenovela on Acasa TV


Ingeri pierdutiAcasa TV launched a new Romanian telenovela, “Ingeri pierduti” / “Lost Angels” and the first episode ranked the TV 3rd in audiences both in towns and at national level.


At national level, the telenovela was watched by 1.1M Romanians (6 rtg) and it was on the 3rd place, after Kanal D and Pro TV.

In urban areas, Lost Angels occupied the same position, after Kanal D and Pro TV, as it had 459,000 viewers (4.4 rtg).

Another debut on Acasa TV was Casa Ibaka, with Cabral, watched by 255,000 people (1.3rtg), from which 145.000 living in urban areas (1,4 rtg).

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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