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Changes in TVR’s programs schedule for the autumn


tvrTVR1 comes with major changes in its autumn schedule, with the most important ones occuring during the evening: a talk show section is created at 19.00, followed by the main news program and then different shows.


Iuliana Tudor and her “O dată-n viata / Once in a life time” show moves from Friday (when Pro TV has I dance for you), Liviu Mihaiu comes back on TVR 1 with the talk-show “Between good and evil”, while Marina Almasan will host a medical show.

When it comes of “Profesionistii”, the show takes a break for a while, at the demand of its producer, Eugenia Voda.

The autumn schedule will be launched on October 6th, after passing the vote of TVR’s board. For now, shows like Distractis and Cheerish life with Andreea Marin, that are present in the schedule, don’t have the vote of the board for now and contracts aren’t signed yet.

The evening on TVR 1 starts with a talk-show, each day with another host: Radu Preda, Sorin Burtea, Mihai Radulescu, Moise Guran, Dan Carbunaru.

Monday – The evening starts at 19.00, with ”Questions and answers”, debate that has Radu Preda as host and moderator. After news, the program continues with Dosar Romania (Romania File) and Disparuti fara urma (Vanished without a trace).

Tuesday: Liviu Mihaiu and Champion’s league. At 19.00, the debate is moderated by Sorin Burtea – Interes general (General interest) and then the news come.

On Mihaiu’s show, he said that the format will be the same as a few years ago – one and a half hour without pauses, a format inspired by BBC – and will approach national and society themes, in perfectly balanced debates

Wednesday: Distractis night

The schedule proposed to TVR’s board has Distractis Show after the main news program, although the contract with the former Divertis group’s members isn’t yet signed. The alternative option for Wednesdays is a movie. Starting 19.00, the debate of the day is hosted by Mihai Radulescu.

Thursdays: Iuliana Tudor and “Once in a lifetime” move from Fridays on Thursdays, with the change aiming to help the show to achieve a higher audience. On Thursdays, the debate at 10.00 is with Moise Guran, during Ora de Business (Business Hour)
riday – Movie night. The debate is hosted by Dan Carbunaru. After the prime time news, the program schedules movies.

In preparation for Fridays is also a complex show to have as contributors TVR’s regional studios

Saturday: League 2 Football and Marina Almasan with a medical show, in the morning, at 10.30

Sundays: Andreea Marin and “Cherish life” during the evening, after the prime time news, starting 20.30. The show still needs the vote of TVR’s board and the contract isn’t yet approved

Also on Sunday, starting 16.00, is “Sunday in the family”, with Ramona Badescu. Initially, there were held talks to have Mihaela Radulescu as host, but the negotiations didn’t reach to an end.

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