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How urban and rural populations are watching TV? People from rural areas spend more time on TV during winter. Record numbers in TV consumption.


televizorHow long do people from cities spend in front of the TV? What about those living in rural areas? Which are the differences between urban TV consumption and the rural one? presents an analysis of the way Romanians are watching TV, a comparison urban versus rural.


Romanians “eat” TV on the bread from morning until evening. Daily numbers are impressive. There are still differences between people living in cities and people from rural areas, which are dictated by each of those categories’ lifestyles.

All the day with the TV open. People from rural areas spend their summers more working than watching TV

That we stay a lot in front of the TV is not a novelty, but how much do we spend watching TV every month? The historic peak during the last 2 years was January 2013: almost 9 hours a day with the TV open in rural areas and almost 8 in cities.

Winter is not like summer. But there are differences between people living in towns and the ones from rural areas. Data shows that, in January, February and March, people from rural areas spend more time on TV than the ones in towns (almost 1 hour more), as they prefer this method to spend their spare time, considering they don’t have other options.
Example: The average viewing time per day was, in towns, in February this year, of 7.5 hours a day and 8.3 hours in rural areas. In February last year, people in cities were spending 7.8 hours in front of the TV, while villagers – 8.6 hours.

The situation is the other way around during warm months. Good weather keep people from rural areas outside of their homes. Therefor, in June, July, August and September, TVs are open less time in rural areas than they are in towns. For example, in July, town inhabitants spent in front of TV 6.1 hrs a day, while the people in rural areas – 5.4.

The evening is the moment when most TVs are open, with most Romanians opening their TV in the evening, in prime-time. The favorite hour: 20.00.

Over 1.6M people living in urban areas open their TV between 20.00 - 21.00. The interval is on the 1st place also in rural areas, with 1.5M people living in villages opening their TVs during the same time interval.

A popular time is also 19.00, with the main news programs from Pro TV and Antena 1, same applying for 17.00, when tabloid shows are up

What program is up when TVs are switched on? Urban population, more attentive to tabloid shows

In towns, people that start their TV on Pro TV look mainly for news. The main news program at 19.00 and morning news are preferred by people living in urban areas, being among the first seen when TV is turned on. A peak moment is also La Maruta (former Happy Hour).

The situation is different for town people that open the TV initially on Antena 1. At Antena 1, the first programs opened are morning news and Acces Direct.

When it comes of rural areas, the things are slightly different. These people first switch on their TV on Pro TV for news (morning and in the evening) and there’s also a peak on Pro TV when it comes of La Maruta and 13.00 news

If they start their TV on Antena 1, they do that in the morning, for the early morning news.
More data from the research is available here.

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