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Newspapers’ sales – down on all fronts. Click! – the most bought publication


Surs foto: Financiarul
Surs foto: Financiarul


No surprises when it comes of sales, during Q2 2013, for Romanian press. Tabloids have the most consistent sales, while the quality newspapers don’t manage to count, together, 60,000 copies. All publications posted decreases in sales.

Click! remains the leading newspaper in terms of sales. The tabloid owned by Cristian Burci sold, from April to June, around 125,000 copies a day, according to the most recent data released by BRAT (Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit)

Click is also the only newspaper to sell over 100,000 copies per edition, followed by Libertatea – second tabloid, with 86,000 copies.

Note: Mediafax Group’s publications didn’t release sales data for April-June 2013
More info on BRAT study’s data is available here.

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