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Surprise Transaction: Ringier, in discussions with Intact for taking over Gazeta Sporturilor


gazetaRingier and Intact are discussing the take-over of Gazeta Sporturilor, with the negotiations started over a month ago, without reaching a result until now.


During the next weeks, the parties will decide if the title owned by Voiculescu family will pass over in Ringier’s portfolio. This isn’t the 1st time when Ringier makes an offer for GSP.
A migration of the title from Intact to Ringier would be the transaction of the year when it comes of printed press. In a period when print is on a descending trend and fights for survival, investments in development on print segment are almost null.

The info on a Ringier-Intact transaction was published for the 1st time on Radar de media, online publication owned, among others, by Claudiu Serban, former manager Ringier Romania and even editor-in-chief Gazeta sporturilor 14 years ago.

According to Paginademedia’s information, if Ringier takes over Gazeta Sporturilor, the company promised to take over the entire team, maintaining the salaries as they are. In exchange, it would make contracts for multiple years with key names from the team lead by Catalin Tolontan, in order to prevent the team to mass quite, as it happened in the past .
Ringier is at the 3rd try when it comes to take over a press publication and had Gazeta sporturilor in its portfolio in the past
By the time this article was published, Mihnea Vasiliu, General Manager Ringier Romania and Catalin Tolontan, editor-in-chief Gazeta Sporturilor, couldn’t be contacted

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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