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Turks came! Suleyman – again on the 1st place in national and urban audiences. Pro TV took the lead on commercial public


Suleyman_Magnificul_libertateaSuleyman, the series broadcasted on Kanal D, resumed on September 3rd and made Kanal D leader in audiences on Tuesday evening, with the 1st episode of the new season.


On national, Suleyman had an average viewership of 1.7M people, with Kanal D ranking 1st, followed by Pro TV, that broadcasted a comedy that attracted 1.5m people. Third in audiences was AcasaTV, with a little over 900.000 viewers every minute.

At urban level, over 1.1M people watched Kanal D’s series, while the Pro Tv movie had, in towns, 771.000 viewers. Antena 1, ranking 3rd, had half of Pro TV’s audience.

On the commercial target (18-49 yo), Kanal D ranked 2nd, with an average of 460.000 viewers. Pro TV was 1st on this target, with over 530.000 viewers.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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