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DDTV – fined RON 100.000, CNA refuses to talk with Dan Diaconescu without delegation from DDTV


Sursa foto: Ecaterina Marinescu
Sursa foto: Ecaterina Marinescu


CNA decided to fine DDTV with RON 100,000 for retransmitting OTV without letting CNA know about the license modification.

Dan Diaconescu came to CNA to demand a change in DDTV’s programs schedule and for its license to be prolonged. Diaconescu didn’t spend much time at CNA’s meeting as he didn’t had the proper mandate to represent DDTV, a channel that entered insolvency in September.

CNA decided to postpone the discussions on license’s modification because the documentation submitted to the institution wasn’t complete. Also, after an hour of discussions, CNA decided to fine the channel with RON 100,000 for not respecting “the principle format of the programs service and the programs’ structure”, as specified within the Audiovisual Law. The fine proposal came from Laura Georgescu, CNA’s president.

Dan Diaconescu – criminal complaint against CNA’s president

Dan Diaconescu stated, for Mediafax, that he submitted to the judicial authorities a criminal complaint against Laura Georgescu, accusing CNA’s president of abuse in her job, as a decision she made leaded to suspending DDTV’s broadcasting. The information on the criminal complaint was confirmed by judicial sources.

“It is mainly abuse in fulfilling her job and I also proved the illegal decision she made on Monday, October 21st, stamping in Council’s name and saying she had a majority of CNA members’ votes although CNA didn’t meet that day”, Dan Diaconescu said
CNA’s president: I receive menacing calls after fining DDTV; I will complain to CEDO at the next accusation in OTV-DDTV case.

Laura Georgescu stated, in front of Parliament’s Culture Committee, that, a short time ago, she received menacing calls related to the fine given to DDTV. She made this statement during a hearing of the parliamentary committee, related to the RON 100,000 fine given to DDTV for taking over OTV without announcing CNA about license’s modification.

Georgescu said that CNA was targeted by media pressure after sanctioning DDTV and also that serious accusations were made related to her mandate as CNA’s president.
Georgescu said that she will complain to CEDO if she will continue to be subject of accusations related to DDTV-OTV case. “Please take in consideration that, for any other accusation of this kind, me, as chief of an institution, I will address to CEDO”

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