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Liviu Luca and Elan Schwartzenberg’s sister in law – under accusation in Realitatea case


logo realitateaLiviu Luca – businessman and Oana Mihaela - Schwartzenberg ‘s sister in law, along with PSD representative Marius Manolache and the special manager of Realitatea Media, Florin Bercea, were placed under accusation in th case related to the take over of TV’s shares, a case handled by DNA, according to Mediafax.


In the same case, accused were also the companies DBV Media House (advertising sales house) and GMG Media Box. DBV is accused of accessory to dilapidation, as there are signs that they were used to provide money for Realitatea Media. GMG is accused of fraudulent bancrute as there are singns that the company was used in order to take over the control on the insolvency procedure Realitatea Media was in.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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