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Radu Beligan, Andreea Raicu and Dan Amariei – voices of some ads that call for stray dogs adoption


campanie cainiRadu Beligan (actor), Andreea Raicu (TV host), Dan Amariei (musican), Alexandra Laura Badea (actress) and Alin Marghidanu (Group Creative Director SeniorHyper) lend their voices to some canine characters in the 5 ads of the campaign “The race dogs have pedigree, the stray ones have CV”.


The campaign is meant to encourage the adoption of stray dogs from shelters and it is a project signed by TBWABucharest for Red Panda Association, with support from Multimedia Est, Electric Brother, OMD and DC Communication.

The 5 personalities accepted to be spokepersons for stray dogs in 5 ads during which couple stray dogs present their qualities they achieved while being on the street and that recommend them for adoption.

The campaign is built around the idea that stray dogs are much more resistant, more intelligent and more affectionate to their owners as a consequence of the conditions they grew up in.

In the center of the initiative is the website of the campaign,, a start point for those that look for the closest place where they can adopt a dog right in their city and a place that offers addresses and contacts for shelters all over Romania

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