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Razvan Exarhu wants to launch a radio in Bucharest and entered CNA’s licenses contest


radio-studioRazvan Exarhu entered the contest to win a radio license for Bucharest, at the contest organized by CNA.


“It is a generalist radio project, made by radio people not by media corporations, and a try to rehabilitate the almost lost prestige of this communication channel. The start point is, the online radio I launched in 2007”, Exarhu stated

Exarhu submitted the project together with Bogdan Stratula (that was his colleague while working at Pro GM). After Pro FM, Stratula worked for Intact between 2008-2011 (director at Radio ZU than Channel Manager Antena 1) and left the company in the end of 2011.

Exarhu and Stratula aim for 106.2 Fm Bucharest.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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