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Agerpres wants correspondents in US, in Tokyo and in London; Project ok-ed by parliamentary commissions


agerpress-printscreenAgerpres intends to open 20 offices abroad, among which 3 in US (Washington/New York, Chicago, Los Angeles) and one per country in Japan (Tokyo), China (Beijing/Shanghai) and UK (Londra), according to its 2014 budget project, submitted by Agerpres to Finance Ministry and approved by Government last week.


Romanian parliamentaries from reunited Culture Commissions approved, with no amendaments, Agerpres’s budget, as the agency announced on its own website. After the favorable vote in Commissions, the budgets must receive the vote of Parliament.

In this moment, Agerpres has permanent correspondents in Bruxelles, Madrid, Rome, Sofia and Chisinau.

Besides the offices in US, Japan, China and UK, Agerpres also wants to open new posts of correspondents in Bruxelles, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Moscow, Istanbul, and Tel Aviv.

Agerpres also plans to expand its network of correspondents in Romania’s counties and to open regional bureaus.

For 2014, Agerpres promises to attract in 2014 own revenues equal to 17.7%, while the rest of the money will come from State’s budget. For next year, Agerpress wants from the state RON 13,95M (over Euro 3.3M)

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