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Analysis: Romanian national football team, a magnet for audiences. Last year’s game attracted millions of viewers


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The games played by Romanian national football team insure a consistent audience to the station broadcasting the game, with ratings of millions of viewers for most games played by the team this year and broadccasted on TV.

If the game has a stake, the success is certain. For example, a game with a not so feared opponent, Estonia, but with a high stake – qualifying at barrage – managed to get a better score than even Suleyman the Magnificent. By broadcasting the game, Antena 1 had double audience compared to Kanal D. Even a friendly game with an exotic team, Trinidad Tobago, kept Romanians in front of their TVs

Who broadcasted Romanian national team’s games?

The important games this year were broadcasted by TVR 1 and Antena 1. Some friendly games were also visible on Look TV, while 2 of the games were visible in the same time on Antena 1 and GSPTV.

Hungarians and Turks made the ratings go high. The most watched games of the year
This year’s record was Romania-Hungary, broadcasted in June on Antena 1 and that had over 4M viewers. Next most watched games were also broadcasted on Antena 1: Romania-Turkey (over 4M viewers) and Romania-Estonia (3.3M).

The games played at home had bigger success than the ones played abroad. The match played in Hungary, broadcasted by TVR 1, reached to almost 3.1M viewers, an audience smaller than for the game with the same opponent broadcasted by Antena 1
Trinidad Tobago surprise.

A football game without a stake, a friendly one and with an opponent more exotic than feared, Romania – Trinidad Tobago was the surprise of the year. The game was broadcasted on Antena 1 and was watched by 1.1M people.

Audience data for the games played this year by Romanian national football team is available here.

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