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Antena 3 – summoned for a promo deemed defamatory for Romanian president


antena3Antena 3 received a summon from CNA for video materials related to Romanian president’s mandate and also for the stamp that appeared during the broadcasting, saying: “Post TV supus represiunii / Station subjected to presidential threats”.

“The time is here. The alarm started. Traian Băsescu has 60 weeks more. How many of those that listen to his unruly orders will be dragged after him? Alarm!” – a promo broadcasted on October 17th said.

CNA also analyzed the message Antena 3 showed for days, saying „Post TV supus represiunii / Station subjected to presidential threats”.

TV’s representative said that the info related to the president is true and that is, in fact, a promo for a show Antena 3 is going to make. When it comes of the shown message, the representative said it is channel’s opinion on the situation it is in after becoming part of a criminal case and it doesn’t represent an accusation, as it doesn’t mention anyone.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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