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Folklore, dominant on music TV stations. Etno – in top. Who watches music TVs and for how long, from Kiss TV to Mynele


televizorAudience data shows that, when it comes of music, popular music is preferred by Romanian audiences, with Etno TV, folklore music owned by Prigoana family, having a double average audience compared to Kiss TV, musical TV with a different profile.

On the Romanian market, the main TVs active on musical niche are Etno TV, Taraf TV, Favorit TV, Mynele TV, Kiss TV, MTV, Music Channel and UTV.

As they are niche TVs, musical channels’ audience cannot be compared to the ratings of the big generalist stations, with most of those channels having at most 0.2 rtg.

During the last 2 months, the best average audience was registered by Etno TV, with 23,000 viewers in towns. Considering its profile, this channel has a bigger success in rural areas, where it is watched by 40.000 and sometimes has audience spikes when the TV reaches to 80.000 people. Better audiences in rural areas are also posted by Taraf TV, Favorit and Mynele TV.

The most watched hit music TV is Kiss TV, with an average of 12.000 viewers, In rural areas, Kiss is less successful, with only 7.000 viewers.
If folklore and manele channels have higher audience in rural areas, urban audiences watch more Kiss TV, MTV and UTV.

Who listens what?

Etno TV, folklore music station, is preferred by old audiences, with almost 70% of its viewership being represented by people aged over 55 y.o. As an occupation, Etno TV is watched most by retired people, housewives, farmers and workers. Predominant is the rural audience (63%) and viewers from small towns, with top 30,000 inhabitants.

Taraf TV, centered on manele, has a different public, a lot younger: 60% of viewers are 18-44 y.o., most with primary or medium education. This channel is also watched by very young public (up to 18 y.o.) and among people aged 18-35 y.o. From occupation point of view, viewers of this channel are students and pupils, workers and hosewives. Favorit TV has a similar profile.

On the other hand, Kiss TV has a very young profile and is watched mostly by the female audience (62%). Almost half of the public is aged up to 25 y.o. and a quarter is aged 25-35 y.o.

Compared to Etno or Taraf, Kiss’ audience includes people with high and higher education: a fifth from Kiss TV’s viewers graduated university and a third is represented by pupils and students.

MTV has most viewers aged 25034 y.o (over a third) and also a strong audience in 12-17 y.o segment. Almost a quarter of its viwers have superior education.

UTV is mainly watched by people aged 12-34 y.o, with a quarter of its viewers having high education.

Mynele TV has three quarters of its public living in rural areas, over 35% being housewives and a quarter – pupils and students. Most viewers are aged 18-44 y.o., but also kids aged 4-11 y.o.

When do Romanians watch music TVs?

In towns, Etno TV is watched mostly in the morning: between 10.00 - 12.00, the average audience reaches to over 50.000 viewers per minute. Another audience spike is during the evening, around 22.00, when it gets close to 40,000 viewers.

A similar consumption pattern is valid for Taraf TV: an audience spike in the morning, another in the evening (18.00 – 21.00).

Favorit TV has notable audiences only in the evening: between 21.00 -22.00, the audience reaches to 24.000 people, almost 3 times higher than the average.

In towns, Mynele TV has a spike at noon, when almost 10,000 people are watching it every minute, 2.5 times more than channel’s average.

Hit music TVs have a different consumption pattern, with Kiss TV watched mainly between 10.00 -15.00 (when it reaches to 21.000 viewers). A maxim consumption interval is similar in case of UTV, while MTV has a relatively constant audience during the entire day (8-9.000 viewers).

Audience – double for folklore TVs in rural areas

In rural areas, Etno TV has, in the evening (20.00 şi 22.00), audiences that jump over the 80.000 viewers per minute mark in rural areas and, in the morning, between 10.00 - 12.00, posts audience spikes of around 70,000 viewers. The same consumption pattern applies in rural areas also for Favorit TV and Taraf TV.

At the countryside, Mynele TV has an audience almost 3 times higher than in towns, reaching to 20.000 viewers.

Music channels such as Kiss TV, Music Channel or UTV have weaker results in rural areas, compared to urban ones, as young people from rural areas are watching less those stations, although they leave the TV sets open. The best results are scored in rural areas by Kiss TV around noon, when it reaches to around 12,000 viewers.

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