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Romanian Business Leaders bought a one page ad in ZF to send a message to Romanian PM


Sursa foto: AFP
Sursa foto: AFP


Romanian Business Leaders foundation bought a page of advertising in Ziarul Financiar in order to send a message to the Romanian Prime Minister, a text that represents “an imagination game” for Victor Ponta.

“Imagine you live in an ordinary building, with ordinary neighbours. You pay your debts regularely, you don’t make a mess on the wall and you do not make noise after the night falls. Pretty often, without finding it out in due time, the water is cut. Or it comes through full of rust”, says the message, that continues with a suite of usual daily problems. “From time to time, you go to building’s administrator and explain politely to him that the situation is intolerable. And that what happens isn’t good for anyone in the building”, the message adds.

In the end, the message shows the link between the administrator and Romanian PM: “Well, you aren’t just a normal person, mr Prime Minister. You are the administrator. And the building is a country, Romania”.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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