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Romanian national football team: Huge audiences. Romania-Netherland – most viewed game in the last decay


Foto: Alexandru Hojda, Mediafax Foto
Foto: Alexandru Hojda, Mediafax Foto


The football game between Romania and Netherlands in 2005 claims the asolute record when it comes of Romanian national football team’s audience in the last 10 years, with over 6M Romanians watching the game on TVR 1, in the preliminaries of the World Cup

At national level.

The first place belongs, by far, to the game with Netherlands from 2005, with over 6M viewers on TVR 1. Second in top is a game with Czech Republic, also played in 2005 and that kept 4.7M people in front of the TV.

No less than 13 games played by Romanian national football team during the last 10 years had between 4-5M viewers (half of them living in urban areas).

Qualification games for world and European competitions are leading in the top and are even over the games played as part of the competition the qualifications are made for. Romania-Netherlands game from Euro 2008 had smaller audience than the game between the 2 teams part of the competition.

Netherlands is also the most watched opponent of the Romanian national team: on the first 7 places in the last 10 years, 4 games Romanian football players had were with Netherlands.

At urban level
The top for urban viewers is slightly different from the one for national audience, with Netherlands game keeping the top place, but next in line are 3 games from Euro 2008: with Italy, Netherlands and France

More data on most watched games of Romanian national football team is available here.

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