Skip to main content – for sale. Price: Euro 3M, one of the most important websites owned by NCH (New Century Holdings) Group, was put up for sale and the sought for price is of Euro 3M, as Orlando Nicoara, General Manager Mediafax Group, wrote on his blog.


“Bought in 2006, with around $100,000, was transformed from a directory for Romanian press into a content aggregator that, during th last few years, started to also add its own content”, Nicoara wrote.

Orlando Nicoara mentioned that the transaction in 2006 to buy was made by him, before leaving Netbridge.

According to, had, last month, 2,288,838 unique visitors and 21,242,297 page views, ranking 5th in top Generalist News from SATI.
Orlando Nicoara also underlines that and “remained the only websites in top 10 General News that aren’t affiliated to a media trust”.

“If it sales, it will be the first exit that NCH, one of the big players considering the properties owned, would make from the internet business”, Nicoara mentioned. is owned by NCH Romania, branch of American’s investments fund New Century Holdings (NCH).

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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