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Andreea Berecleanu won a lawsuit against B1 and Baniciu and gets RON 30,000 and public apologies


Andreea BerecleanuAndreea Berecleanu, host of Observer 19.00 on Antena 1, won a libel lawsuit against Radu Baniciu and B1 TV. Baniciu and B1 TV must pay damages of RON 30,000 to Berecleanu and to present public apologies published on 1st page in 2 dailies and during Banciu’s show.


The sentence can be attacked in appeal.

Andreea Berecleanu sued Banciu and B1 for defamatory affirmations the journalist made regarding her. In May, Banciu was saying in a show in May that “Andreea Berecleanu jumped from flower to flower for a well situated job. She found well-situated men to boost her” and also mentioned an alleged relation with Dan Diaconescu(OTV).

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