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B.D. movies – most broadcasted productions in the last 10 years. Jackie Chan – most re-runs on Pro TV. Re-runs champions of the last decade


BD la munte si la mare
Brigada Diverse


Two champions of re-runs are fighting tonight: Home Alone 2, on Pro TV, competing with Gladiator, on Antena 1.

According to a analysis for the last 10 years, Home Alone 2 and Gladiator are champions in re-runs, with the comedy being broadcasted until now seven times only on Pro TV, with Antena 1 running the same numbers of re-runs for Gladiator.

Home Alone and Gladiator are far behind the champion of re-runs, the Romanian series Brigada Diverse (BD)

“BD la munte si la mare” and “BD in actiune are leaders in re-runs, each broadcasted 24 times during the last 10 years. The comedies starring Toma Caragiu, Puiu Calinescu, Jean Constantin and Dem Radulescu took a tour of almost all Romanian TVs: Antena 1 (13 times), Kanal D (5), Naţional TV (3). They were also broadcasted by Prima TV and Naţional TV. The only generalist station that didn’t broadcast them was Pro TV.

The 3rd movie of BD series is lower in top, on 10th position, with “just” 17 re-runs in 10 years.

Right after the 2 BD movies leading the clasament, another Romanian production comes – “Liceenii” – also broadcasted by almost all Romanian channels during the last decade, with only the public TV not running it.

Pro TV prefers Jackie Chan. Rush Hour – in top

  • The first movie from Rush Hour series, starring Jackie Chan, re-run periodically on Pro TV: 11 times in 10 years. The second part, Rush Hour 2, was close, with 8 re-runs
  • Jackie Chan was favorite also in other re-runs broadcasted by Pro TV, with different movies being broadcasted for 9, 8, 7 or 6 times.
  • On Pro TV, most movies with most re-runs are: Evadatul, Martor Incomod, Asasini and Atractie exploziva (each with 10 re-runs).
  • Home Alone re-runs, normally, around winter holidays, with the 1st movie of the series already broadcasted 8 times, same as the 2nd one. Eight re-runs has another movie with Home Alone’s star, Richie Rich.
  • Besides those production, movies that had a lot of re-runs on Pro TV during last 10 years are also Nea Marin Miliardar, Under Siege, Joshua’s, Triple X and Charlie’s Angels (8 times each).

B.D – the spoiled series at Antena 1, repeated periodically

  • If Pro TV’s top of most re-runs is dominated by action movies, Romanian movies are in top at Antena 1.
  • B.D. series has a special treatment at Antenei 1, with the first two movies of the series broadcasted 13 times on antena 1. The 3rd movie of the series was broadcasted 10 times on Antena 1 during the last 10 years.
  • Antena 1 also broadcasted multiple times Boogie (11 times), The paper will be blue (10), Bucharest ID (9), Liceenii and Declaratie de dragoste (7 times each).
  • Also with 7 re-runs are the movies from Margelatu series, starring Florin Piersic.

TVR 1 – small number of re-runs

  • Compared to the big commercial generalist stations, TVR 1 has much less re-runs. In 10 years, just 2 movies have over 8 re-runs: Traffic and The Hours.

More detailed info on re-runs on Romanian TVs is available here.

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