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Government Decision project: Owners of “.ro” domains to pay annually a renew tax


internetOwners of “.ro” domains will pay a registering tax and an annual renewal tax, in an amount to be established by order of the minister for the Informational Society, at the proposal of National Registrar RoTLD from ICI Bucharest, that manages the 700,000 web pages in Romania, Mediafax writes.


“The annual registration and renewal fee for a “.ro” domain name is established, at the proposal of the Registry, by order of Informational Society minister. The date the fee will be perceived for the newly registered domain names is the date when the order is published in the Official Monitor. For the name of domains already existent, their registrars have the obligation to renew them in maximum 3 months since the order is published in Official Monitor. For the domain names registered during the last 24 months, the renewal is made the moment when the right to use the domain name is equal to 24 months”, states a project of Governmental Decision regarding the registration of “.ro” domains published on Informational Society Ministry’s website.

At the moment, the cost for a “.ro” domain is $ 51,26 plus VAT, according to data available on

“There is no fee for annual maintainance in present. The payment is made at the registration. If there will be introduced an annual maintainance fee, you will be announced in advance”, RoTLD’s webpage mentions.

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